Red – The New Guy


First …let me introduce myself … my name is  Red – The New Guy –   a new character in Cartoonland, also present in WordPress and Cafepress World and ready to brighten up your life! So .. Get yourself ready!
After I came to life I put myself to work  since I had nothing else to do I took a pencil and started to make some sketches to help Eric with his work. Eric designed all kind of artwork with my character for t-shirts, mugs, caps and what more …
you can find out all about it in the  shop were I live at
Interested in how I became alive ?  … visit my Blog at WordPress.
The blog will also keep you up to date about new products and designs for all the different products in the shop.
Mail to Red The New Guy If you want to know more about me, my Blog, Shop, any product in the shop or have questions about a design then don’t hesitate to write me an email.
Have a request for a special design for yourself or your company, then write me too.
My address is redthenewguy AT  Looking forward to your message!
Thanks for visiting.



— Visit my shop at Redbubble :

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